‘What Matter Who’s Speaking’ is a fragmentary work by Jonathan Bennett Bonilla positioned between poetry and philosophy. Central to its interrogation is the question: where do we go to speak to the dead? WMWS is a set of rooms sealed shut.

A series comprised of leftovers and remnants of work from the artist’s studio, ‘Residue’ is a corpus of materials that have gone through a previous life and which have been part of the creative process of Vince Briffa. These pieces have originally been created without any aesthetic or artistic concern, and in normal circumstances would have been discarded. ‘Residue’ is therefore a body of work that has been saved from such fate to be given a new life, re-aestheticised in CD jewel cases. The work sits at the junction between painting and objet trouv√©, becoming an ongoing attempt at recontextualising materiality through the regularity of a very strict modular format — whatever is found has to fit within the size and form of the jewel case.

In this book, these two works speak to, converse with, each other, without ever becoming one.